Strafford Tee Progress

Cruising right along with my Strafford Tee.  Loving every minute of knitting this!

I had to run out the other day and purchase a size 3 needle – because I did not have one!  I couldn’t believe that I have never needed a size 3 circular needle yet!  I decided to try the Knitters Pride Dreamz.  I love them.  For some reason I feel disloyal saying that because I have always used Addi Turbos.  I know silly.  You can love your kids the same even though they are completely different.

My addis are smooth and I love them because they feel like home to me…but these tips on the dreamz are a dream.  I also love the color coded sizes.  That is brilliant.  The Knitter’s Pride are also a fraction of the cost of Addi Turbo needles.  I like both needles so much for who they are :)

2 Comments on “Strafford Tee Progress

  1. I love mine that you girls gave me for Mothers’ Day! You found the way to get me back knitting again. They are not only smooth and nice, but also quite pretty!

  2. I like my one pair of Knitter’s Dreamz, too– but have to admit that the Addis hold my first loyalty so far. You’re moving right along on that tee! Looking good.

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