WIP – Dorflinger Tee

Weekends are for relaxing – at least in our house. But every now and then we turn our time off into a productive weekend, and I wake up on Monday morning with a good feeling, because even though I didn’t spend my life on the couch, it was still an exceptionally good time.  We got so much “work” done around our house that it almost didn’t even feel like work.

First we hosted a brunch for my dear Grandma Midge’s 90th birthday…then off to my favorite greenhouse to pick up the annuals for my planters…then back home to plant them all…cast on the Dorflinger Tee sweater….

….clean the garage…wash the cars…have friends for dinner….THEN sit on the couch..and knit some more.

Recognize the yarn? You’ve seen it before!  I used it for my knitted display board. It’s funny how, at that time, I didn’t really think I had enough of this yarn to make much of anything but turns out I had enough for a whole sweater. Be patient and you’ll find the right pattern eventually!  Revisit your stash often – it sparks new ideas!

This is definitely an intermediate project as the pattern states. It’s fairly wordy and in a couple of places I needed to re-read the paragraphs several times to make sure I understood. For example, the very first set of instructions for the neckband seemed more complicated than necessary, so I improvised. There are also a few charts to follow within the same row, so there is a fair amount of flipping between charts, particularly at the beginning.  But on the plus side, it’s done in a chunky weight yarn on a size 10 3/4 needle so it moves quickly.  I actually didn’t have a 10 3/4 on hand so I went down to a size 10 but adjusted to make a larger size. As you can tell, it’s unblocked so I’m not sure if my sizing has worked out perfectly but I think it has.

I started on late Saturday afternoon and I only have about 20 rows before the bottom ribbing edge so I should be done soon! I’m going to try to finish and post for you this Friday or it’ll be too warm to wear – but believe me, I’m not complaining that it’s getting to warm for sweaters!

On another note, here are some of the plants we picked up.  I’m a little crazy over the succulents this year.


Hens & Chicks make this chick happy!

5 Comments on “WIP – Dorflinger Tee

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  2. That is such a cute Tee. I had no idea when I first read this was WIPs were. All of a sudden it clicked. Oh dear, now you can tell your sisters, Mom is getting old.

  3. This pattern has been at the top of my queue for ages, it’s so great to read your comments on yours, hopefully it’ll inspire me to get moving on my own! I bet ut will be gorgeous on you.

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