Yarn Bowl Giveaway!

It is rainy and soggy, & we need to cheer up!  How about a giveaway!


To enter our yarn bowl giveaway leave a comment telling us what your plans are for Mother’s Day!   (which reminds me I need to make some.  Mom can you come for dinner?)  We will pick a winner Monday morning!

Our potter father still has 3 yarn bowls for sale, order from here by next Tuesday for delivery in time for your Mom or that special person on Mother’s Day.

42 Comments on “Yarn Bowl Giveaway!

  1. My plans for mothers day will be letting my husband and chilren make me breakfast in bed and relaxing. No laundry, dishes, or cleaning. It is the one day a year when I can just do nothing:).

  2. My sisters and I are going to spend the afternoon with my mom letting her pick the activities for the day (probably manicures, lunch and either crafting or shopping), then we’ll have dinner at my parents’ house that evening (dad will probably pick up pizza which was typical Sunday “mom’s night off” dinner growing up).

    This year I crocheted a cute little cotton apron for my mom’s gift.

  3. Well, its my first “official” mothers day….no plans yet, however a few minutes knitting would be nice

  4. My husband’s birthday falls on Mother’s Day weekend so it’s mostly about him. Our usual tradition is a big brunch made for and cleaned up by someone other than myself. If the weather permits, we may go on a kid friendly hike. Simple, quiet. Just the way I like it!

    The bowl is gorgeous BTW!

  5. We have a picnic planned for 3 generations of moms…hopefully the dads will arise to the occasion and do the dishes!

  6. We have the pleasure of living within an hour’s drive of both our moms, so we will probably see them both. We haven’t decided how yet. Though I do know that my mom would appreciate a real yarn bowl after the tupperware version that she created this week.

  7. We are hoping to do some yard work for my mother-in-law (she doesn’t know yet!) and then order some lunch in. My mom will get a phone call and a gift.

  8. Breakfast with my daughter & husband-hopefully on the deck! Praying for no rain! These bowls are beautiful…..fingers crossed!! :-)

  9. I will be spending Mothers Day with at least one of my daughters who lives close by, calling my Mom to tell her how much she means to me, sending my husband back to Maryland for work, and KNITTING

  10. Yay I love these yarn bowls!! I am traveling to Chicago to visit my mom. She’s going to love it… she’ll have all 4 of her daughters in town WITH a baby shower on Saturday for one sister and a celebration of my newly born nephew from another sister. Babies babies and motherhood!

  11. I will most likely be taking my mother and grandmother out for dinner or lunch, especially since I will have just gotten back from college and they’ll want to catch up.

  12. My inlaws will be visiting for the weekend, so after they head home Sunday I’ll get to relax! I’m giving mom blocking boards (so that I can conveniently use them, hehe). Hopefully I’ll get to knit…

  13. My mother lives out of state so my plans are focused more on myself :) Considering it’s my birthday that Sunday AND my first mother’s day (we’re expecting our first baby in September!) I think it’s well deserved!

  14. My mothers day plans are to take my mom to a girlie eatery and then hang out together at my sons rodeo! enjoying the day together !!
    I love you mom!!

  15. This mother’s day I plan to study for my last final exam. Which is a great mother’s day gift because if I pass I can go on to next semester and then graduate. Which in turn will hopefully get me a job and money so I can move out into my own home and have my mother over for mother’s day dinner and buy her nice presents.

  16. My plans are to work in my garden…it’s what I do every Mother’s Day. My children buy new plants for me and my husband makes dinner. It’s a wonderful way to spend the day!!

  17. Mother’s Day? We’re hosting some college guys at our house and tearing apart part of our guest room!

  18. Thanks for reminding me Mother’s Day is coming up! My Mom lives too far away for casual visits, but we always talk on the phone for a while. My daughter is too young to know what Mother’s Day is, but I think she won’t mind some extra snuggle time.

  19. I plan to spend mothers day with my mom, and she’s the one who babysits your cute neice & nephew here in Illinois (just in case that helps me earn some brownie points ;)

  20. I will spend the day enjoying my mother, remembering my mother-in-law, and loving the fact that I am a mom of two wonderful grown children!

  21. I plan on spending the day with my mother in law. She is known for her cooking so. . . we may be taking her out! And of course I will be thinking of my own mother who lives way to far away.

  22. I didn’t realize it was Mother’s Day so soon! I guess we better get some plans made; otherwise, my mother won’t be too happy!! (Don’t tell her I said that)! We may have dinner at our house or my sister’s. Or if it ends up just a small group, we might just go out to eat.

  23. My mother lives far away, so I’m planning on Skyping with her, but in a rare turn of events my mother in law from England will be visiting us then- it will be her first time celebrating mother’s day in May (it’s in April in England), so it’ll be her second Mother’s Day of the year! Thanks so much fo rhosting this yarn bowl giveaway, the bowl is beautiful.

  24. Both my daughter and son will be coming home, we plan to make a fun brunch together and enjoy the day in the yard hanging out all together! The best kind of day you can wish for!

  25. I will be spending a relaxing day at home with my husband and three daughters, and hope to start my next knitting project – a shawl for my mother! Happy Mother’s Day!

  26. Husband and kids wanted to take me for brunch, but I decided to make brunch and invite my mom and sister, too….thanks for the chance for the giveaway!

  27. Mother’s day I’m going to write a blog post about how awesome of a woman my mom is and reflect on her teachings as I wander into motherhood myself.

    Her birthday is also the same day as mother’s day this year. Sadly we will not be celebrating as she has forbid it. A dog she loved very, very much passed away a few years ago on her birthday and she mourns her passing every year. So the family ignores this time of year for her.

    Then, a couple weeks later, we will surprise her with a present “just because” on our very own awesome mommy day. :) Chocolate and flowers and the whole shebang. I knitted her a little stuffed dinosaur (my first plush attempt) for this day. :D

  28. No official plans for Mother’s Day as of yet. It would just be nice to spend time with my whole family, but it would be extra-nice if I didn’t have to make meals, clean the house, do the laundry or worry about picking up after anyone. Is that too much to ask?

  29. My Mom is going to spend the weekend with us and I’m planning a large dinner involving steak and lobster! I’m also knitting her a pair of socks in her favourite colour… green!

  30. Ohhh…very nice knitting bowl! No plans for Mother’s day as I will have OB related surgery that Friday :(. Hopefully my kiddos and hubby will surprise me with something special.

  31. The yarn bowl is beautiful….love the color. I’ll be spending Mother’s day visiting my mom and taking along a basket of flowers. Hope you all have a good Mother’s day!

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