A Weekend Away

My husband and I are currently enjoying a long weekend on Long Island. It’s our last day here and I’m ready for breakfast so I’m going to keep this post short!  We went wine tasting along the North Fork yesterday – a lovely way to spend a gorgeous sunny day.  It was in the mid to upper 60’s and not a cloud in the sky.  This was a very fun day trip and I’d recommend it to anyone visiting this area. The vineyards and surrounding scenery are beautiful.  There is a vineyard every 1-2 miles along the main road so there are a lot of options and would also make a great bike trip!



We visited Palmer Vineyards, Shinn Vineyards, and Macari Vineyards. All great options for Red Wines and we bought some bottles from each.  On the way home we also stopped at the Village Cheese Shop to bring home some cheese to enjoy with the wine!

We’re off to enjoy the island for one more day!

3 Comments on “A Weekend Away

  1. Long Island looks SO much different than I would have thought it was like. It looks beautiful! A bike ride anywhere sounds like a great idea to me if only this wind would stop.

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