Fiber Festival – Today

If you are local, I wanted to make sure you knew there is a Fiber Festival happening TODAY! The festival will be at the Tolland Agricultural Center (TAC building)


The festival is quite literally only about 100 yards from my house, but I am going to miss it because my husband and I are headed off for a little weekend away. Katie and I went last year and had a great time and scooped up some real gems. There is an entire barn you can peruse of yarn. All different kinds, shapes and sizes.

My favorite purchase turned into Cladonia (great pattern) which turned into my sister’s Christmas gift.

If you go today, let us know what you picked up and grab me a skein while you’re at it! :) Have a nice weekend!

4 Comments on “Fiber Festival – Today

  1. It is interesting how you girls were always at this fiber festival when you were little kids, but for the sheep dog demonstrations of the event. Now you go, but the for products woven from the sheep used for the demos. Life is interesting!

  2. I’m a UConn grad (’71/’75) living in Oklahoma City (long story) and I don’t think they ever did this while I was in school there. Wish I’d known since I could have visited family and friends in the area. Do they have the festival this time every year? More than once a year?

    • Hi Merrill!

      I am a UCONN grad too (’06). I am not sure when they started the festival, but it’s held just once a year around this time. I can remember going when I was maybe 6 years old so they’ve been doing it since the yearly 90’s anyway!

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