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I love organization.  (Right now all of my family and friends are on the floor laughing)  Okay, so I love organization tools and I start everything out with great intentions, super organized.  Folders, sticky notes, planners, cute little notebooks, they are all irresistible.  It just usually falls apart after the second week.

Buying knitting patterns online is a wonderful asset of technology, patterns in an instant.  I print them off before I begin each project, but they need a place to be kept neat and tidy. I store them in a 3 ring binder in plastic sleeves, which works great.  I attach sticky notes and little scraps of paper when I need to make a notation or keep track of rows.

In my constant quest for organization I have created a Knitting Notes Page I want to share with you.  Each time I start a project I am going to attach these Knitting Notes to the pattern so I can look back and know exactly when I started, when I want to finish, gauge, needles, yarn, and all my knitting notes in one organized place.  You can too.  Download your free Knitting Notes and get started!

If you feel the urge, you can still attach a sticky;)

8 Comments on “Free Knitting Notes Download

  1. Katie-this is perfect! I am finishing a project right now. I love the yarn and the pattern, but the color is gray & I’m eager to move on with a bright colored project. I never leave a project unfinished and start another, because I know I would end up with a ton of unfinished projects! Every night I think I’m going to get a bunch of rows done, but lots of excuses get in the way. Goal setting is a great motivator-I am going to use this sheet tonight. I think I can have this project done by Monday, April 30th. I’ll let you know how the knitting notes worked! :-)

  2. Katie this is a great idea. I just know I would be bad at sticking to my goal. It has been weeks again since I have knit. Life somehow gets in the way. Maybe soon!

  3. I agree, Kate. I like organization, too, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for us right-brainers! :) I think this is a great idea- and I’ll try to put it to use! Thanks for the download.

  4. FYI – you must use the Print icon at the bottom of the page to print this PDF. Clicking Command + P on a Mac gives you a black page. Same goes for saving it…

    • Hi Debbie,
      I’m on a mac as well but are you opening this with Adobe Reader or are you opening it in Preview on a Mac? I believe Preview would do that, but if you open it with Adobe Reader it should print OK!

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