Spring Cowl Yarn Giveaway

I completed a simple spring cowl last night in a beautiful Araucania hand dyed lace yarn.  The cotton/ linen blend creates an airy lightweight spring and summer accessory.

I cast on 110 stitches on a size 10 16″ needle.  Working in the round I knit until I almost ran out of yarn, then bound off.  Sometimes less is more, a simple stockinette stitch shows off the yarn better than a complex pattern.  In the center of the cowl, I held two strands together while knitting for about 2″.   This just gave the wispy cowl a bit of structure in the middle, so that it did not flatten out.

I bought two skeins and only used one – so, I’d love to give one to you!  Leave us a comment telling us what you are looking forward to this spring and summer and you will be entered to win the Araucania skein!

Now you can complete your own!

34 Comments on “Spring Cowl Yarn Giveaway

  1. That’s gorgeous! I love working in stockinette stitch best. :)

    What I’m looking forward to most this summer? Spending time at home with my new baby (coming in June) and my precious dog. And my knitting and crafting.

  2. Nice, Katie, and was this all while you were having 14 kids at your house to play for the day? Yikes! I am looking forward to lots of things this summer, one of which is getting my flowers all planted and watching them grow. (Not so excited about the weeding!) Spending time with my children and grandchildren is probably the highest on my list though!! (Did I get points for that?)

  3. You’re right-it’s nice to keep a pattern simple so the yarn can be showcased. This yarn certainly deserves that!
    Sun! That’s what I’m looking forward to. In the Pacific NW, sometimes it seems like it will never get here!

  4. This looks beautiful! I really like it with the color shirt you chose, too. ‘Looking forward to graduating soon and going to the Cape this summer (of course)– and just having time to enjoy the slower pace.

  5. I love the color. This summer I’m looking forward to getting a new kitten and spending as many days as possible lounging in the sun with my boyfriend.

  6. Lovely color yarn! Your spring cowl is simple yet classy. Less is more in my book. Looking forward to spending quality time with the family. Camping in Yosemite is in the agenda.

  7. I love the colors and it looks so simple! I am looking forward to seeing my 4 sisters and thier families and also my parents in May :). I am also looking forward to doing a lot of trail riding on my horse this summer with my husband and our kids! Also having 2 days a week off with my kids this summer.

  8. I am looking forward to opening the windows of the house and letting the old air out. To going on walks after dinner with my husband. To feeling better physically and to my husband turning 50.

  9. I was cooking along pretty nicely on a length-wise scarf until I realized that there were several little things about it that were bothering me (making the pattern up as I go…) so I’m frogging it and starting over. It wouldn’t be a big deal, save the 450 stitch cast on… So, I’m looking forward to making positive progress on that again!!

  10. I have to agree with everyone else, that the color is just beautiful. There is something to be said about letting the yarn shine when making a pattern. It looks so light and airy, a perfect spring treat. I am looking forward to attending my first fiber festival, spending weekends with my friends and learning to spin better.

  11. Wow, love the colors! I am looking forward to working in our garden, the fresh fruits and veggies of summer and the no-school-schedule.

  12. I’m looking forward to baseball games, vacation with my hubby, weddings (because at our age, everyone is getting married), and perhaps a trip to the beach!

  13. Cowls are soo fun to knit :) this summer I’m looking forward to tanning by my pool, you guys are welcome to come over and use it.

  14. What a pretty cowl! I am looking forward to warm days, late nights with my kids, playing in the pool, and a trip to disneyland.

  15. That’s beautiful! I’m excited about playing outside with my daughter in the sun. She’s sixteen months old now and I think this spring and summer we’ll be able to get up to some shenanigans outside together.

  16. I look forward to the spring and summer, because I can spend more time outside.

  17. The cowl is so pretty…I’m looking forward to going to the Cape this July with my family and my sister and her family (she’s coming from San Diego). We haven’t been there for a week together since we were kids:)

  18. i look forward to time with my dogs, my garden, my books, my deck, my husband, my yarn….(oh wait, that’s everyday…but you know what i mean) :) :) :)

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