New Pattern: Tropical Breeze

Sometimes, and seemingly out of nowhere, an idea for a new project will hit me. I can be in the middle of just about anything and there it is, floating in the front of my brain.  I’ve learned that when this happens, I need write it down and maybe even sketch it because you never know when the next idea will take over.  These ideas don’t always result in anything beyond a few words scratched on a post-it or a sketch on a scrap piece of paper but this one did.

Tropical Breeze a new scarf pattern that I’m excited to share with you.  When I first started envisioning this pattern I wanted something extremely light and airy to be worn throughout on the spring and summer.

I wanted a scarf that could be worn with shorts and a t-shirt.  I don’t know about you, but I wear scarves almost daily – all year ’round. Since the weight of this piece was really important to me, I knit this up in a lace weight yarn on a size 5 and incorporated some lace work to keep it open and airy.  Tropical Breeze also features a lacework loop at one end to run the scarf through. This results in the scarf being about 1/2 the length of a normal scarf and therefore lighter!

Tropical Breeze will officially be released next Monday for sale on Ravelry but to celebrate it and the tropical weather we’re having this week, the first 5 to leave a comment will be emailed a free copy TODAY. The early bird gets the worm (or so I tell myself this when I wake up at 5am each morning to go work out).


Thanks for modeling for me Kate!

14 Comments on “New Pattern: Tropical Breeze

  1. I know I’m below the cut off but I just wanted to tell you how pretty that scarf is. I don’t usually admire such things but that is a lovely one. Congrats on your new patterns!

  2. This scarf turned out so pretty, it definitely seems light and airy, prefect for spring and summer. I especially like the lace looped edge, what a great idea for providing a way to secure the piece, without adding a lot of weight. I look forward to the release on ravelry.

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