Nice to Know

Happy Friday! It’s nice to see the weekend here but a little sad to see this week end. It’s been a great week, topped off with our WordPress features yesterday that generated thousands of views to our site.  Thank you for all of the kind words and comments, you all have made us very happy girls. So happy, that ideas are running through my head at a very rapid pace. I have to quick write them down before I forget them in my next thought.

Some of my ideas are starting to take form. I have a new design for a throw in progress and I’m swatching up some Plymouth Yarns Covington for a garment design. It is giving me the right texture, sheen and drape that I was going for. I am very excited to have found this yarn and get this project on the needles. I’m working it up on a size 7 so it ought to be a quick one!

Nice to Know

We’re excited to announce a new series that we’re calling “Nice to Know“. Submit any question that you think it’d be “nice to know” the answer to, and we’ll try to answer as many as possible in our next edition in the series. Questions can be related but not limited to knitting, cooking, decorating, design, painting…. just about anything is fair game!

Don’t be shy, we wanna hear from you!

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