Finished Omir!

I bound off just in time this morning!  Here are a few photos for proof! The sweater fits perfect and I am so happy to be able to wear it this spring!  Omir is a Berroco Design team pattern, using Berroco Weekend yarn.  A cotton aran weight, that knits up real quick!  My sweater only took 3 skeins! (at $6.50 a hank it is an incredible deal!)

I highly recommend this knit – the only difficult part was picking up the stitches around the collar, which really is not hard, just time consuming.

Kara and I are beyond excited today!  Nice and Knit is featured on as Freshly Pressed Site for our post on Portabella Mushroom Burgers!   

AND Nice and Knit is also featured here for our Beet Raviolis!  So thank you all for reading!

11 Comments on “Finished Omir!

  1. Wow and I am the mother of both of you! I am so happy for both of you! You have worked so hard on this site and it is paying off. Let Matt and Kevin know I said that! :-)

  2. Hello stumbled upon this blog today, and I just wanted to say, this sweater is such a lovely mix of feminine and bold. The color is so brilliant, and the stitch pattern around the collar has this beautiful delicacy that it brings to the entire project. Thank you for sharing.

  3. your Omir looks beautiful! The burgers & ravioli look yum! and what is that stitch in that delicious looking blue yarn of your secret project? Can hardly wait for the reveal!!!

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