Happy Birthday Ryan!

I can not believe I have a 10 year old today!  Yesterday we spent the day at the CT Capitol Building because Ryan’s art work was chosen for a display this month.  Ryan drew a seascape in pastels.  The Capitol building is an amazing place to visit, full of craftsmanship and artwork.

I hope the next 10 years are as wonderful as the first, Ryan!

I need some accountability to finish this sweater.  I am sooo close.  When I was cleaning up my art room I found this sitting there with only the neck yoke to finish (this was last summers knit)!  I would like to show you finished photos on Thursday.  Hold me to it ;)

10 Comments on “Happy Birthday Ryan!

  1. Happy Birthday, Ry-Guy, I cannot believe it was 10 years ago that you graced our family with your presence. We waited 3 long years to have a second grandchild and are so happy that you came along. Have a great day. Awesome artwork, BTW.

  2. Happy Birthday Ry!! Taylor did a very similar progect in 3rd grade that was also chosen for the Capital, it’s on the wall in Waterford so check it out next time we go down!

  3. Hope Ryan had a great birthday and looking forward to seeing that sweater on you in a picture tomorrow! :)

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