Special Request

There have been a few requests on our Nice & Knit giveaway (there is still time to enter) for spring patterns suggestions, so I raveled just for you!  I got a little wrapped up in looking and spent a few hours, but I found some great patterns and I think you should try one!  I grouped them by difficulty which might help in your decision making, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself!


Images and patterns via the links below. Order is left to right, top to bottom.

1. Churchmouse Classics Shoulder Cozy
2. Trillian
3. Abalone
4. Churchmouse Classics Mohair Bias Loop


Images and patterns via the links below. Order is left to right, top to bottom.

1. Sugar is Sweet
2. Nefertem
3. Chiton Pullover
4. Catching Butterflies

It’s taking a lot from me to not cast on everysingleoneofthese rightthisveryminute.

6 Comments on “Special Request

  1. I have already made the #1 on the first group and it is a great project for those beginning knitting and it goes really fast. I made it while our family was in Vermont over the Christmas break. Love the choices you picked. I have made one shawl and loved doing it. I have a thing for wanting to make everyone that I see.

  2. Oooo… Thank you! I’m fairly new to knitting and haven’t attempted anything bigger than a hat and mittens. I struggle with pattern and yarn selection, and probably because there are so many to choose from! Your post presented me with a few great options :-)

  3. Wow! Thanks for the suggestions. I can spend hours on ravelry, so thanks for a few suggestions! I have been eyeing the shoulder cozy for a while now, and have a few knitting friends who have made it and love its usefulness!

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