The Art Room Before and After

At this point the ‘Art Room’ as we call it, should be the ‘stash room’ or maybe ‘knitting nook’.  Last night I was painting the trim in the art room and decided to post some photos of where I craft.  It is an attic room that I stash all of my stuff.  For years it was blah and crammed with junk.  Last year we painted the floor showtime yellow, added furniture, and a lot of color.  It is a fun place to hang out.







I still love crayons.  They are really for my boys, but I love them just as much!

My boys’ art projects are always on display.

Rug, curtains, and knobs from Anthropology.  (The curtains were a tablecloth that I altered.)  Red dresser from a tag sale (also came with a bed frame.)

11 Comments on “The Art Room Before and After

  1. Wow, it’s positively gorgeous. Look at all the beautiful hard work that has gone into creating such a creative space! I am envious of your nook. :)

  2. Aaaaargh! You both inspire and shame me! My craft room is a total mess right now and it’s been calling to me from behind its closed door. I run in, grab something to work on, and run out!

    I don’t believe in coincidence, so I’d say your photos are a [nice] kick in the pants for me to get with the program and just do what I’ve been thinking about.

  3. Having green eyes! What a lovely room and the colors are amazing. Our family room is filled with kids’ stuff. I am inspired to create a little nook. But how? I need to move all of their stuff. Ha!

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