Going Back

Katie mentioned yesterday that I’m working on a new pattern. So far I’m really thrilled with the concept and how it is coming to life. But I wasn’t so thrilled on Sunday when I realized I had a case of disappearing stitches. I gasped and grumbled when I realized I have to rip out about 6 inches of work.  I just stared for awhile, and then threw my knitting down.  My husband gave me a very sympathetic look. He knows when something goes wrong with the knitting!

I couldn’t stand to look at it right then and try figure out where I had gone wrong, so I went into the closet and pulled out a very old project. So old, that it’s crochet.  See, I haven’t crocheted since I learned how to knit and this project sat for months even before that. This blanket is probably close to 5 years in the making. It has no pattern because I have never actually read a crochet pattern before. They always look so intimidating to me.  I just created a chain of stitches that looked like the right length and dug my hook in.  It’s a mix of single and treble crochets and I still have no pattern. I decide what each row will be when I get to it.  To make it more interesting I’ve added a few stripes of color.

The blanket will actually be done so that the stripes are vertical. I really don’t have much work left so my new goal is to have this done by the end of April. It should be a cinch.  But don’t worry, because I’ll make sure the new knitting pattern I’m working on is done before that!

Another crochet project I had done right before starting this blanket is a piece that I still I have in my living room and use constantly.  It’s another oldie but goodie.

Both of these are made from cheap yarn, picked up from the craft store. I don’t think I had set foot in a nice yarn shop yet when I was making them.  It’s held up pretty good – no holes yet! This is another one that had no pattern, it’s all treble crochets with alternating blocks of cream & brown. I like how it gives the appearance of a waffle knit.

If you don’t know how to crochet, I recommend taking a few minutes just to learn some basics – that’s all I know. It offers a nice reprieve when you and your knitting aren’t getting along!

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