Friday Variety

Today is the last Nice & Knit knitting class at Glastonbury schools.  The girls have come such a long way since the first class. I can’t tell you how impressed I am. A few have already finished, and the rest took their projects home and have been working on them over the past week. I am excited to see their progress.  Here are a few of the FOs.

Impressive, right?

I’m working hard on a few new patterns that aren’t quite ready for their debut, so instead I thought I’d share some other crafts I’ve had fun with lately.  These are a super simple wrap bracelets. 

I saw the original idea via Pinterest which linked me to this site.  Typical me, when I saw them I had to go buy the materials and start right away.  Due to my lack of patience, I had to improvise on a few of the materials and make substitutions. Admittedly, my tutorial doesn’t compare to hers but I snapped a few pictures of the process and materials I used.

Leather cording, silver beading, and hemp cording. I picked up a bunch of different colors of hemp, I really like the coordinating blues and grays so I’ll make a set, but bright colors are a little more fun and a little more rockstar.

First you want to take a really long piece of the leather and fold in 1/2 and make a knot. I measured by loosely wrapping the leather (doubled) around my wrist and then giving myself another 10-12 inches to work with.  It’s better to have too much and cut it at the end than not have enough – trust me.

Then take your hemp and wrap it around the end a few times. The hemp comes in different weights. It’s easier with a thicker hemp cording.

Then add in your strand of beads and wrap the hemp around the leather and between each bead. The beads sit right between your two strands of leather. The photos show a lighter weight hemp, so I wrapped it twice between each bead.

Keep going to the end then knot the leather and voilá! Super simple, right?

Enjoy your weekend. Make some bracelets.

2 Comments on “Friday Variety

  1. Wow, those bracelets are really pretty. I might just have to run out and get the materials and try some on my own. They would make great little gifts to give to friends. :)

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