Portabella Burgers

The past few weeks of beautiful weather we have been grilling and eating healthy.  A new favorite of ours is a portabella veggie burger.

First I marinaded the mushrooms in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Then I used my grill basket for my peas, asparagus and sweet onions.  I grilled the veggies until tender. 

The mushrooms grill for about 4 minutes each side.  I added a slice of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, salt and pepper.

Darren is always dashing in front of the camera for an appearance (usually when the lighting is juuust right!).

So juicy and delicious, you will not even miss the meat!

It is supposed to be super cold tonight, I am hoping all the lettuce and flowers I planted will survive!  Hopefully, hopefully when the warm weather comes again, it will be here to stay for awhile!

132 Comments on “Portabella Burgers

  1. Being a veggie I love these. Waiting for some good weather to give this recipe a go and sit on the balcony alfresco style. Might have to switch out the mozzarella for hollumi though.

  2. Totally making these! I really like this blog, too. My wife is addicted to knitting/crafts, so you’ve won over some subscribers. Great pics, too! What kind of camera do you use?

  3. I’m a vegetarian – very excited to try this!! And the photos of it are really delectable. Thank you for sharing. We’ll be dusting off our own grill soon and will def try this recipe!

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  5. The portibello mushrooms look yummy. I understand that mushrooms are very
    high in iron and zero fat. the sauteed green beans also look great. I think the
    grilling is a wonderful way for these nutritional foods.JFN

  6. This looks delicious. I’m a fan of a good portabello burger and I love your addition of the grilled veggies. I’m going to give this a go in a couple weeks!

  7. Wow, that looks so yummy. I’ve been cooking up some healthier options myself and blogging about them. I posted a portabello mushroom burger on my blog last week it’s more of a “Texas Style” Bello Burger with guac and pico de gallo and I’d love it if you check it out!


    Peace and love!

  8. That looks so amazing – was planning on regular burgers tonight – wonder if my guy will notice the switch!!!! Thank goodness I have not been to the grocery store yet!

    • Made them last night and he loved them! Added a little roasted red pepper and aoili to the equation and talk about a hit! Thanks for the inspiration – will be making again for sure!

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  10. I’ve never been good with cooking portabellas, but do you leave all the gills on the shroom when you’re grilling? Can’t wait to try this!

  11. That looks delicious! In NYC Shake Shack makes a portobello burger by stuffing it with cheese, breading it and deep frying it. Your way looks a lot less fattening :p

  12. I love this- I need to reblog it bc it is so easy to make. I love asparagus. Mmmh I am hungry now….

  13. Looks delicious! At home my boyfriend makes something similar, portobello mushroom sandwiches on ciabatta bread. So delicious! Looking forward to trying these burgers though when we can grill again (Portland hasn’t figured out that it’s Spring yet!).

  14. I’m a visual person and I really enjoyed reading your blog. Your pictures are so clear, the images help visualize how you created this delicious looking sandwich, and you gave helpful tips! kuddos =D

  15. These look yum! I’m a bit worried about my garden too. Hopefully everything does well in the snow this weekend.

  16. looks so yummy.. would have wanted to try it but here in my country portabella mushrooms are so pricey.. but i think i could substitute it with other mushrooms instead.. congrats on being FP..

  17. Portobello burgers are my fave, and you’re right one doesn’t even miss the meat. The most important part, I’ve found, is a proper bun. A burger or sambo is only as good as the bread it’s served on…

  18. WOW those look yumm! Portabella is my favorite…and since I am vegetarian- its perfect. The only thing with portabella burger is that it gets so messy..all the juice from the mushroom drips when you bite into it. But what the hell..its soo yummy!

  19. Thank you for posting this recipe. I’m always on the lookout for vegetarian alternatives to burgers and your mushroom burger sounds really tasty. Also I’ve not heard of a grill basket before, so I looked around the web and found out about them and they look useful – so thanks for that too.

  20. Yum! I’ve always wanted a grill basket and this post has inspired me to go out and get one right away!

  21. Thanks for posting this! I’m always on the lookout for new and better ways to make portabella burgers. It makes me want to run to the store right now and get some mushrooms!

  22. Done that and eat that! Verdict: Excellent healthy meal…. Can try the sinful version by chopping up some fresh basil leave and mixing it up with chunk of mayo to spread it on the bread. Excellent recipe! :)

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