Simple, Lovely, Garter Stitch

I started a spring shawlette, Trillian by Marrtina Behm.  The majority of the scarf is done in garter stitch.  I am really enjoying the simplicity of just knitting.  When I first began knitting I scoffed at garter stitch and now, I love it.  The yarn really stands out when done in a simple pattern.  I also realized that it is important to have a project that requires no thinking or following a pattern on the needles, along with the more complex projects.  That way, when the kids are running around, and I am standing at the stove cooking dinner, I can pick this up and knit without having to concentrate.

This is knit in SMC select Violena Colori  cotton blend.  I thought it would be great for a spring wrap.

I recommend this pattern for beginning knitters, there are only two rows to repeat through out the project and it is easily memorized. 

Enjoy your weekend!

3 Comments on “Simple, Lovely, Garter Stitch

  1. I usually have two projects going. One that requires more concentration and one easy knit that I can pick up while visiting with someone or watching an intriguing TV show or movie. I think they both have their place!

  2. I’m learning that it’s nice to have one ‘intense’ project mixed with a more simple style. Especially since I have so much to learn!

  3. I, too, like having a more complex project and a more simple project going at the same time. I also like to have them in different weights/needle size. I find it sort of refreshes my hands – as well as my brain – to switch back and forth.

    Your shawl looks lovely! Hope we get to see finished photos, too.

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