SewE-Z Board

Keeping with a similar theme to Katie’s post yesterday, I wanted to share another knitting tool with you.  Katie gave me this awesome blocking board for my birthday.

I highly recommend it.  It’s a nice large size size measuring 48″ x 30″ so it’ll fit large pieces or multiple projects.  One of my favorite features are the measurement markers for length and width. It has a grid pattern that is laid out in square inches. It’s extremely helpful when trying to block to a specific size. The line guides also help to ensure that you’re blocking your piece straight.  The material it’s made out of is really stable and sturdy.  The pins can be a bit tough to push in, but I see that as a good thing.  That way my pins won’t move and I can get a nice tight block. The material of the board can get wet without rippling or getting soggy.   It sure beats a bath towel!

It’s gotten quite a bit of use this past week!

I am teaching knitting class again today! I hope the girls remember a little something from last week’s class.  After today they’ll be bringing their projects home to work on over the next week, and then we’ll meet again next Thursday.

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