Work in Progress

The teachers did a great job!  We had a hectic, but very fun 45 minutes with 17 well behaved, polite grade school ladies.  There was a lot of knitting progress made.  The best part is that we still have 3 more sessions to really get down to business!

Now that Girasole  is completed I can really focus on Sebright.  I am working on the front pockets, which I have never done before.  It is so fun learning new techniques!

I was able to take some finished photos of Girasole – sorry if you are sick of seeing it, but I have never been so excited about a project before :)

5 Comments on “Work in Progress

  1. I asked because I wanted to know for sure and Kara told me that smiling picture was taken after the class, so it looks like it was a success!!

  2. Your border blocked out beautifully! And that colour, it’s to die for. I knit a Girasole as a wedding gift for a friend a few years ago, it was such a rewarding project because it’s just so awesome! I think I need to knit another for myself… seeing your gorgeous version is really inspiring!

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