Sharpen your pencils

I’m adding Teacher to my resume this week.  Today I’ll be teaching a class of (17) 3rd-5th graders how to knit!  I’m very excited and admittedly a little nervous. I’ll have Katie and Aly by my side to help me in case the going gets tough.

We’re going to keep it super simple by creating a garter stitch dishcloth.  I have everyone cast on with Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Yarn. I’m using Lion Brand Yarns Kid’s knitting needles. They’re 7″ size US10 needles and I think they’re the perfect size for a beginner knitter. I even recorded a video for the class to watch before they get started. If you are teaching a youngin’ and want a copy I’ll be happy to share, as long as there is no snickering while watching!

I packed a brown bag for each of them.  I call these “Nice & Knit Graffiti”.  I whipped up a stencil real quick and spray painted the logo.  Some are a little better than others but kids are forgiving, and they’re probably still at an age where graffiti is cool.

I was so encouraged by your comments last week when I found that many of you had started knitting around age 8.  While you maybe didn’t stick with it through your teenage years, many of you came back to it later in life.  I hope I am starting the next generation of knitters!

8 Comments on “Sharpen your pencils

  1. I was so excited to read your post this morning. Wish someone like you had been around when I was a child! Such a great thing to do…pass on the love of knitting!

  2. Yikes! That’s a lot of kids in one knitting class. I’ve taught a number of groups of 3rd-5th graders to knit, but keep it to no more than 6 per class. It’s helpful if I have one more knitter to help field questions since it tends to be very hands on.

    It’s so fun though and I feel the same way about hopefully inspiring someone to choose knitting as a hobby later on.

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