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We are having so much fun!  Our yarn bowl giveaway has generated 85 comments!  It is so interesting to read how each of you began knitting.  I am noticing a trend with Grandmas!  We thought it would be so exciting to reach 100 comments.  So, we need your help to get there!  My father is so pleased with the kind words about his hand-thrown knitting bowls.  So he is willing to give away an additional yarn bowl, if we reach our goal!  Increase your chances of winning by either commenting, (if you haven’t done so already) or by telling a friend to enter, tweeting about our giveaway, or pinning this giveaway on your Pinterest board.  I think we can reach 100 by midnight tonight!  ENTER HERE.

We started this blog in October, and the past 5 months have really been a great experience for us!  We love to read all of your comments – we feel like we get to know you through them!

I tried to finish my Girasole for this morning.  I stayed up late knitting, until my eyes kept closing on their own (for me 10:00 is late).  When my alarm went off at 4:40, I fought with myself, but did get out of bed and knit for a couple more hours before the boys woke up.  Then I timed myself, and realized that if I did a 6 row pattern repeat every minute and a half, I still have hours of uninterrupted knitting to do!  But I will have the finished, blocked photos for tomorrow.  (I hope.)

I have never enjoyed a project as much as this one.  I am enjoying everything about this afghan, including the bind off – which is 640 stitches of picot.  I think it will be worth every stitch and hand cramp that I am experiencing lately.

7 Comments on “Comments & Progress

  1. Well this is a first for me to leave a comment. I am not computer savy so I will give it a try. First, I enjoy reading you on my email every day to see what you are up to! I first learned to knit when I was little by my mom who is now 81 years old. My first project a nose warmer for Christmas present for my sister which we still laugh about!

    I took up knitting again with the fun yarn craze. Since then I have gone by myself to knit conventions where it all about me, I go to classes to learn new techniques and changed my sewing room into a yarn room. I find that with 4 children and a husband knitting gives me the relaxation that I need. I am always working on a project if it is in the car while waiting for the kids, on the bleachers, or standing in line. The kids laugh because I can not leave the house without at least 1 knitting bag. I never want to be anywhere stuck without knitting.

    Thanks to my mom who raised 11 children with my dad, I saw how she relaxed and always had a knitting project going. And she is still busy with her hands and mind creating new projects. She laughs at me because I am a yarn snob! But it is great to sit and visit with her doing something we both enjoy. Kris Foust

  2. Knitting is a great diversion when Dale is driving! It’s better if I knit and keep my eyes on that rather than the way he drives! Love doing little and simple things. I made a small baby blanket for my granddaughter Katie for her car seat when she was born and now that she is 2 years old she uses it for her “babies”.
    I take a knitting bag wherever I go because I need to keep my hands busy

  3. Hi Katie! You inspired me to knit about a year ago ;) ! Mom’s been knitting for tons of years of course and has been keeping our family supplied with wonderful items! So why would I ever need to knit, but when you said to me “Dana you will love it!” You were right I really do love it and also really enjoy it. Love your blog too, its so very inspiring!

  4. Katie,
    I am also an early riser- just to knit and have time to myself! I make myself stay in bed until 6…I got up at 530 last week and Mark didn’t like that very much. I guess I made too much noise! Anyway, thanks for bloggin all these wonderful projects. You too Kara!

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