Candlewick Doilies

My Tosh Merino Light in Candlewick has found it’s way back onto my needles.  Remember this color from my first attempt at Stripe study?

I am having some company over for a potluck on Friday and was trying to think of ideas for my table decor. After just a couple of ravelry searches, I came up with this pattern and then, even better, this modification. My first thought was to make them as coasters and place one under each water glass, but some simple math told me there was no way I’d have time to do 13 of these in 3 days.  Instead, I’m making 3 more and I’ll use them under my candlestick down the center of the table.

Look how cute they look with my dishes, too!

Fair warning: These are a little tricky to get started on.  I did these on a set of size 2 double pointed needles and you start with just 6 stitches total.  I think I ripped out and restarted no less than 6 times, but don’t get frustrated, and don’t give up. It’s worth it.  The whole pattern is only 20 rows and takes about an hour, including all those restarts.

Raveled here.

11 Comments on “Candlewick Doilies

  1. Those are simply beautiful! That is so cool only an hour! Not sure I have size 2 DPNs tho’. Might have to make a trip to Pam’s!

  2. Those are really cute! I think you can stiffen them if you want with an Elmer’s glue and water mix. Not sure the amounts, but I am sure you can google it!

  3. Kara, Kara, Kara! Just this morning I was thinking that I am okay with the idea of only ever being a novice knitter, that it is still relaxing and fun and pretty. And then I saw this post. Forget that idea… These are so pretty – and you already know I like your dishes. Can you imagine these all put together in a beautiful afghan?!

  4. These are beautiful! I’ve been looking at crocheted doily patterns recently for the same purpose, I hadn’t thought of just knitting one! I’m a much better knitter than crocheter so this is perfect.

  5. Beautiful! I’ve always wanted to try some Estonian lace, but haven’t been interested enough to do a full shawl. This would be perfect AND use up some yarn I have laying around. I’m thinking cubical wall decorations…

  6. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. Have you every used two circular needles to knit in the round. That makes starting with 6 stitches easy peasy.

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