Brandon’s Sebright

My Brandon – the middle guy.  He is never first when taking turns, we typically choose oldest to youngest, or youngest to oldest.  Lately, the boys have been asking for hand knit sweaters, and Brandon is getting his first.  He is happy.

I am knitting Sebright by Cirilia Rose in Berroco Vintage Chambray.  I had the yarn in my stash.  I know Brandon will keep me motivated to finish quickly, as he is frequently checking my progress!  It is unusual for me to knit with the same yarn and colorway as a pattern is pictured, but this time it worked out perfectly.  Ryan and Darren have picked out their sweater patterns, and are narrowing down their color choices as well!

The pattern (and photo) can be found in the Berroco Vintage Family Booklet.




PS – Brandon would also love this boys hair, but we are holding off on that one for now.

8 Comments on “Brandon’s Sebright

  1. That sweater is going to be great on Brandon. If he grows his hair like that, I will not recognize him although he may look like a throw back from another generation!

  2. He is just too cute – he looks so happy with watching the progress of his own special handknit sweater. :)

  3. Oh, Brandon, I’m with Sheila, too! As another middle child, I think it’s pretty cool that you finally get to go first. And I know for a fact your hair would look good like that… :) Luv u, Bud!

  4. I think that sweater will be pretty cool when it’s finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    See you at school today. Love, Levi

  5. Thanks for knitting this pattern! I love that booklet a ton. I’m dating a middle child, I will echo all the love for the middle child sweater spoiling :)

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