Nice & Knit Exclusive Yarn Bowls

We’re very excited to share these yarn bowls, made especially for the readers of Nice & Knit.

Handcrafted by Muddy Brook Potters, fired in an electric kiln, and featuring a floating blue glaze, these beauties are a necessary knitting tool.  Katie and I both have one from Muddy Brook Potters & highly recommend them.  It really saves the yarn ball from running away on you —  and they’re beyond beautiful. I think these make one of the best gifts you could give a knitter.
Hint: Mother’s Day is not that far away and she probably already has too much yarn.

Muddy Brook Potters has 20 available for sale on Etsy, so hop on over there quick and grab one before they’re all gone!

A little background on the potter –
We may be a little biased, because the talented potter behind Muddy Brook Potters just so happens to be our dad, Kevin. He first started throwing pottery while in High School and after about 30 years he got back into the art. He studied pottery at Worchester Center for Crafts and has been enjoying it as a serious hobby for the past 8 years.  Generally, he’s a really busy guy but when he has some truly free time, you will find him in his studio bent over his pottery wheel. He fires in both electric and wood-fired kilns. He’s as passionate for clay as we knitters are for our yarn.

8 Comments on “Nice & Knit Exclusive Yarn Bowls

  1. These are beautiful! Two are on their way to my house — one for me and one for a friend. I am looking forward to trying it out.

  2. they are beautiful! I had a locally made yarn bowl that recently broke–maybe it’s time for a replacement from Muddy Brook! :)

  3. They are beautiful. You guys are so talented. The pictures are awesome as well. I say 20 are not enough – now that I just “pinned” this. Keep on the good work

  4. I would love to get a yarn bowl except that I don’t feel I deserve one yet. Ditto with the lovely stitch markers. They will be my reward for becoming a master knitter someday (hopefully you’ll still be making them then)!

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