Herringbone & Starbucks Winner

All of your suggestions were so helpful!  Kara and I are having a meeting tomorrow to discuss Nice & Knit, so we have a lot of material now!  Thank you!

Jill W you are the winner of our $25.00 gift card to Starbucks!  I will go with you anytime!  (just so you all know Kara picks our winners on random.org)

I completed Herringbone.  Ryan was my photographer today.  It is always a challenge getting the settings right and “directing” my boys while trying to smile at the same time.  We are very thankful for the delete button on digital cameras. 

I am looking forward to knitting this weekend.   I am working on a new pattern that I will be releasing soon, a fun new experience for me.

6 Comments on “Herringbone & Starbucks Winner

  1. Wow! Thanks ladies! Knitting I may need prodding and encouragement, but with coffee I have no problem. You are both welcome to join me! Katie maybe one of these Tuesday nights we’ll all need to go out for coffe rather than inviting ourselves to your house! :)

  2. Love the cowl!!! Looks great I might have to try it out :) Jill you could save the GC for when I am in CT and I could go too!

  3. Congrats Jill!

    Katie – love the cowl. Funnily enough, I’m just waiting on the correct sized needles to start the herringbone cowl. am looking forward to the challenge. Any advice or suggestions for a somewhat new knitter about to start this?

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