Opinions, please!

I am trying to use my stash yarn up before I buy one more skein of yarn!  I have 3 huge hanks of beautiful Blue Moon Woobu yarn to use.  Since I have not knit a sweater or cardigan in a while, I thought that it would be the perfect project.

I need so me help with my pattern choice and would love your opinions!

Acorns by Carole Sunday.

Akoya by Carol Feller.






Amy Christopher’s Acer.




Vionnet by Katya Wilsher.

Dark & Stormy by Thea Colman.




I am also open to new ideas!  So if you have a pattern you love – please leave me your suggestion!

I am swatched and ready to go!

25 Comments on “Opinions, please!

  1. I like Dark and Stormy a lot, but I think Minna’s idea has some merit. That is something you have not done and would keep you busy for awhile!!

  2. Katie, I really like Acer. I think the yarn would show great stitch definition.

    On another subject, where did you get the “spindle”, i.e. the device that’s holding your cake of yarn? I’ve never seen one before. Did someone make it for you?

    • Merrill,
      My sister Colleen purchased this at the Yarn Seller in York, Maine and gave this to me last year. It is the perfect way to keep your yarn from running away! Pam at Knitting Criations in Somers also carries a similar spindle :)

      • Katie,
        Thanks for the information. I am going to call them and see if they’ll ship me one! (I live in Oklahoma and haven’t seen anything like it!) I have a yarn bell, but that requires you to knit at home. I’d love something I could take with me!

  3. Acorns is my favorite- it’s such an airy design, it would look good in spring and summer, too, for a chilly evening. I like the versatility. They’re all pretty, though.

  4. Love Vionnet and Dark and Stormy which by the way is the name of a drink with a dark beer and rum I think???

  5. I think the Dark and Stormy would look fantastic in the yarn.

    Speaking of swatches, do you wash and block your swatches?

      • Thanks. I figure the more expert knitters I hear do this, the closer I’ll get to doing it myself! I currently just knit up a swatch, measure for gauge, and then rip out. Do you ever run into issues with needing the swatch yarn? Or do you just suck it up and buy extra yarn before you start just in case?

  6. love the dark & stormy, although I may just be in that find warm and cozy sweaters mood/phase. :-) The vionnet is also gorgeous.

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