Giveaway Winner

Darla you have won the scrumptious cookies from julseymarie!!  Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes for Kara – she deserves them!

I am so excited!  I found a knitting app that is so useful and fun!  Yarn Store GPS!

Yarn Store GPS helps you find local shops around home or when you travel!  I sorted by distance and found shops within an hour of me, that I had never heard of!  I think it would be a blast to spend a day (or two) driving around RI, MA, CT, & NY visiting different yarn stores!

Now, next time Kevin & I travel I know which exits to take for pit stops :)  Well, I do have to resort to such tactics in order to get 4 men into yarn shops with me!  Sneaky.

The App includes photos, reviews & directions to each  store.

I am going to have some quality knitting time today, while taking care of my little man. He is home from school today, sick, with a fever.  He is a real trooper when he is not feeling well, and for that I am thankful!

Darla we hope enjoy your cookies!  I sure did!

7 Comments on “Giveaway Winner

  1. Enjoy Darla! The app would make your trips far longer to your destinations which is what the “men” in your life are thinking, I am sure ;-)

  2. That little boy is just too cute – he reminds me of one of my nephews, also the youngest of three boys. Maybe that’s why?

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