A Sweet Treat for Your Sweetheart

Buy these for your Valentine, k? They will love them. They will love you for buying them and isn’t that what Valentines Day is all about?

Our newest sponsor Julie from Julseymarie makes these amazing cookies.  They’re soft, chewy and completely irresistible!  Order by Feb. 8th and have them on time for Valentines day. We recommend the Sampler and/or anything else in her shop!  Yummy!

This little model nephew of mine is irresistible!  He thought the cookies were too!

What makes this treat even sweeter?  Julie is offering 15% off your order for friends of Nice & Knit!  Enter the code NICEKNIT at check out to save.

It is also Kara’s Birthday today!!  Leave her a birthday wish in the comments section and you will be entered in to win a dozen Peanut Butter Love & Be Mine Cookies!  We will pick a winner tomorrow!

This heart shaped Confetti is created by our niece and can be purchased at Elizabeth St.

Hope your day is wonderful Kara!

27 Comments on “A Sweet Treat for Your Sweetheart

  1. Happy Birthday Keeree! Hope you have a great day! And I was able to sample those WONDERFUL cookies. Highly recommend buying!

  2. Happy birthday Kara! The cookies look delish, the boys are adorable, and the confetti makes me want to throw a party! So fun!!

  3. Happy birthday! Love the blog – it inspires me even if I never attain the knitting prowess of you and your sisters.

  4. Happy Birthday Kara!!!! and may you have many more. I enjoy
    your blog and all your wonderful ideas.

  5. What a beautiful day for a birthday! Love you, Kee! Many more happy bdays! (And as far as Julie’s cookies? Yum. The Chocolate Mint ones are my very favorite. So good.)

  6. Happy Birthday Kara! I love following your blog. (and I can speak from past experience that Julie’s cookies are delicious!)

  7. Happy Birthday Kara! Hope you were able to get out and enjoy the great weather we had today. Love your blog! You’ve inspired me to start knitting again!

  8. Kara, I hope you have the happiest of birthdays! The pictures of the boys just made my day. The best part about making cookies? Seeing the smiles on the faces of those who enjoy them.

  9. Better late than never…God’s blessings on your birthday Kara. Awesome job modelling those cookies Chippy and Bucks!

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