I’ve had a few projects kicking around here for far too long.  They’re both more than 1/2 way done but they’ve been in that state for months…maybe even a year?  So it’s time to get moving on them and you, my friends, have a special way of motivating me to finish what I started. Thank you for that.  I’ve imposed a rule that I’m not able to cast on anything new until I finish one of these.

I’m starting with Billow by Sublime.  I am using an awesome yarn on this too. It makes this sweater feel like a sweatshirt. I’m sure that once it’s done it’ll be one of those sweaters I wear constantly because the design is classic and simple and the color goes with anything.  I just have the top 1/2 of the front and the sleeves left to finish!

At some point I’ll restart Montague.  This will go very quickly because I only have one more front panel and then the edging.

It probably won’t take more than a couple of days but I fear that it’s going to be too big when I finish it which has kept me from working on it until now. But I’ll never know unless I finish it, right?

Note: I did these photos in black and white so that there’s still a little element of surprise when I post the finished project.

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