Off the Needles

Highlighting stripe study again today, only this time it’s off the needles – and no, it’s not because I finished it already.

The more I worked with these two colors the more I felt like I was making official fan gear for the San Diego Chargers. Not really the look I was going for and definitely not the right team. I couldn’t stand the thought of putting all the hours into something I wasn’t falling in love with. I knew I’d never wear it when I got done with it — so why was I making it? I don’t know. Not to worry, the Candlestick Madelinetosh will find it’s way into another project someday but today is not the day.  It’s been traded in for a lovely skein of Madelinetosh Charcoal.

Ahhh much better. Stripe Study is back on the needles.

Also getting a little attention is Versio.

This is a project that is likely to stay on the needles for awhile because it’s a lace weight sweater done in all stockinette. I’m picturing wearing it on a warm summer night so maybe I’ll have it done by then!

4 Comments on “Off the Needles

  1. I really like the new color combo much better….wow, you are a fast knitter to have that much done already!

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