When I first started knitting I was inspired by browsing patterns. I’d see a pattern, feel the need to make it and then scour the yarn store for just the right yarn for the pattern. It was very project oriented. I had a specific project and just enough yarn to complete that project.   Lately, I’m finding that process has been turned upside down.  I’m becoming inspired by the yarn itself. I find yarn, fall in love buy some random amount of it and then try to find a pattern to make. It’s created a little more adventure…more than ever I’m worried about having enough yardage to finish the pattern! Here are a few yarns that have inspired me lately

This is a beautifully soft Joseph Galler Peruvian Tweed that is twist of gray and a yummy chocolate brown.  See?

I’m still not sure what I’ll make with it – a sweater for my husband (finally), a throw, pillows?

Another skein I had to buy without knowing what I’d make with it. Madelinetosh Sock – Alizarin

I really loved all of the different tones in this yarn, the purple, the pink, the reddish brown. Since I only grabbed one skein when I bought this, Henslowe was the perfect pattern for it. I was wanting to remake it anyway.  As I mentioned, there is some adventure with this though because see that little ball of yarn in the picture? That’s all that’s left and I still have to finish the bind off. As beautiful as the bind off is, it takes time and a lot of yarn. I think I’m cutting it close.  But isn’t this the BEST bind off you’ve ever seen?  I think so.

2 Comments on “Yarn

  1. So true. As a newbie knitter, I am totally project oriented. Well that and I’d probably go crazy if I really let myself loose in the yarn store! :-) Hope you can finish the Henslowe (it really is lovely).

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