3 more days

I have just a few more things to finish over the next 3 days, one of which is this pair of mittens – Kari’s All Over Cabled Mittens.

I hosted a knitting brunch a few weeks back and my knitting buddy, Carole, had made one and brought it to show me. They’re a quick knit and I had some Misti Alpaca in my stash that I thought might work well.  Although the pattern doesn’t call for a yarn quite this chunky but I really liked how it turned out.  It resulted in a pretty tight knit to keep your hands nice and toasty. The directions are easy to follow, well written and each row has a little checkbox, so you can easily keep track of where you are. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ribbing so I changed the cuff a bit.

I still have one more mitten to finish along with:
– weaving in the ends on a throw
– weaving in the ends on a shawl
– 1/2 of a hat
– A Cha Cha Trendsetter Ruffle Scarf
No problem, right?

Then, it’s all about me. I’ve got a few projects lined up and the yarn purchased so I’m itching to get started – just 3 more days and I can! Here’s what’s next

1. Dawn
2. Versio
3. Henslowe

4 Comments on “3 more days

  1. Somewhere along the way, remember to breathe!! The mittens turned out really nice and I think you will be knitting quite a lot the next few day!

  2. Yes I know how you are feeling. I have 8 more rows and then the embellishments! YIKES and I only have 2 more days. I think I can I think I can …..

  3. How do I find the pattern for Dawn! It is fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration. Love the fresh ideas in your blog

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