This is why we block

Blocking might be my least favorite part of knitting. Just when I think I’m done with a project, I’m not. I still have to block it. Maybe I’m too impulsive and I’m so excited to be done that I just want to wear it right away… or maybe I cut my deadlines too close that I’ve hardly left enough time for blocking. No matter how much I’m not a fan, it’s something you just gotta do. ‘No way around it. Lacework is not cute unless it’s been blocked so don’t even think about skipping it. Case in point: Henslowe.

Henslowe is a new pattern Katie came across and I am so glad she did. It is a beautiful pattern. I finished it Wednesday and blocked it yesterday. This morning I took the pins out and fell in love. Katie asked me “So, do you not want to give it away now?” I thought about it and said “No, I DO want to give this away and I can’t wait to make it again!” It is that good.

The blocking instructions for Henslowe call for precisely eleventy million pins and while I didn’t need quite that many it did take some time to get it all pinned out just right, but you see – it was worth it.

8 Comments on “This is why we block

  1. Beautiful! There is nothing quite like blocking the heck out of some lace, it’s a transformation. The recipient of this gift is very lucky indeed!

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