Good Morning!

Yesterday afternoon I had a few hours to hand felt a pair of slippers.   The slippers are still wet so I will wait to post photos of the finished product.  The slippers are made with wool roving, hot water and soap.

A tutorial on hand felted slippers can be found at this Etsy Shop.

The ever-present coffee mug.  I do not do much without it :)

I also made a flower brooch for one of you!

 Leave a comment and we will pick a random winner on Friday!

24 Comments on “Giveaway

  1. Can’t wait to see the slippers! I enjoy seeing what you and Kara post each day! You’ve given me inspiration to start knitting again!

  2. You know, I have the perfect sweater to wear that flower on… how nice of you to think of ME when you were making it!! LOL!

  3. curious to see who the slippers are for…
    and yeah, I think I saw you with a coffee mug at school yesterday??

  4. Oh wow I love this ;)
    What a great timing to be visiting your blog. Yeah!!! Keeping my fingers crossed ;)
    ps. I have one on too ;)

    via ashley ann’s blog

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  6. What a neat color of flower! I have bought a couple of your flowers and wear them a lot. I’ve been pondering what color(s) to buy next…. =)

  7. Creativity is definately a gift from the Creator of the World. He blessed YOU! I love the flower and slippers so much! Awesome!

  8. Love the brooch – great color!

    I made a holiday wreath inspired by your post! I’ll try to send a pic…

  9. Super cute flower! Super cute slippers! Love the project ideas on your blog – check it almost daily.

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