Christmas Cast On

I have been feverishly knitting.  Casting on projects whenever I find a moment.  Which, brings up another point.  People ask me often when I “find” time to knit.  I take time.  I get up early and knit for an hour at 5.  I bring knitting with me to pick up the boys at school.  While I wait, I complete a few rows.  I allow an hour here and there to sit and knit (this forces me to complete my other tasks in record time ;)

When all of this does not allow enough time to complete my knitting projects – I give up on other things.  My favorite activity to sacrifice is the laundry! :)

I get so excited with new projects that I have to cast on right away!  This really is the best way for me.  I try to fight against it and start one project at a time – I can’t do it.  Can’t say I ever get bored!  I have more complex projects for quiet knitting by myself, and easy garter stitch projects for wild times with the boys running around me.

So go ahead and cast on!!

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