A few weeks back I had posted about my friend Aly learning to knit. I asked you all to vote on what you thought her first project should be and someone suggested Thermis. I thought it was a great idea, so I stole it for my next project.

Ya know, as a good friend, I thought I should test knit for her.  Just to make sure it was a good project for her.  Well, it’s a great project!

I promise that in real life those buttons match and I didn’t stick red buttons on a pink cowl. The cowl is red. Poor choice of lighting on my part this morning. Sorry, I’ll do better next time!

I have something else in the works that I am super excited about!  I got the idea for a pattern on Monday, and got so excited that I had to run to the LYS on my way home from work.

As I cooked dinner I charted my pattern – 3 different times. Then I cast on, started knitting and ripped out – 3 different times. The 3rd time was the charm and I’m well on my way which, it turns out, is a must because I need to have it done for a Christmas party this Saturday!  It’s left me frantically knitting any minute I have free. …I think I can..I think I can…and I will.

I’ll share it with you next week!

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