I just finished sewing on the buttons.

I am so happy with this project.  I rarely say that when I am finished with a knitted object or painting or anything I make myself.  I know the flaws or what “I should have done here or there.”

But today I am happy.  This is a pattern is my own that I created while on a getaway in Mystic, CT with my family.  So it is called Mystic Comfort.

I love throw pillows.  A fast and easy to change up the decor in your home inexpensively.  They are not Kevin’s favorite :)  He is always having to move them in order to sit down – He is practical.  I am not.  This morning he saw the finished pillow and said “That is beautiful.”  I think this pillow will get tossed on the floor with care.

In the center I reversed the cable direction for interest.

The back has an open seam for washing purposes.  The buttons were a last minute decision.

All that is left is to decide which chair I like it on better.

Mystic Comfort Madelinetosh DK (Cove)

Pattern soon…..

9 Comments on “I just finished sewing on the buttons.

  1. Impressive! I really like both the pillow and the pattern. Especially, the idea to reverse the cable, it adds a really nice professional feel to it!

  2. Not very often do I see a post and think “I want to make that!” immediately – but your pillow struck me in just that way. It is beautiful and perfect! Will look forward to the pattern. Am enjoying your blog and thank you for sharing!

  3. Just beautiful…I wouldn’t even know where to begin designing a pattern. P.S. My husband has the same theory on throw pillows!

  4. Kate- it is Awesome, so glad you didn’t sew the back on the reverse. Looks better this way. You should be very happy. Looks great on the leather chair with the oil painting. One of my favorites of yours btw!

  5. Wow Katie! That is gorgeous….can’t for the pattern. Looks like a great project to learn how to do the cable stitch!

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