My best friend Alison is a 3rd grade teacher but last night I got to be the teacher and made her my student.  She came over with the intent of creating craft project but we ended with me teaching her how to knit!  I think she might have caught a little bit of the knitting bug because we picked out her first project and planned a trip to our local yarn shop to help her get the right yarn for her very first project. In the meantime I gave her some homework – watch as many How-to-Knit YouTube videos she can. That’s probably a lot easier than the homework SHE gives out!

Here she is rocking a purl stitch

I thought we picked out a great cowl for her to start with. It’s the Dolores Park Cowl but then I was browsing the blog of s i x o n e s e v e n (stunning blog) I saw her pattern for Yoshimi and thought that it might be a great option as well. So here’s what I’m thinking – a vote!  In honor of voting day yesterday why not cast your vote and let us know which one you like better?…Or if you have another pattern you think we should look at let us know!

I’ll keep you posted on her progress. No pressure Aly!

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