Sticking to it

I know I’ve told you before but I’ll say it again. I love afghans. I’m always wrapped up in one. I’ve made several and I’m in the process of making another. This one will be a Christmas gift for someone special in my husband’s family who just bought his first house.  That might be an awfully big hint but I’m pretty sure he’s not reading this blog so I should be in the clear!

I had a self-imposed deadline of finishing it by Nov. 1st which didn’t happen so I’m posting my new deadline to all of you so that I get it done on time.  I am giving myself until the end of this week to finish it and then post the pattern to you next week. This will be my first official pattern. I say official because I’ve certainly made things up before when knitting but this one I’ll actually put into a downloadable pattern for you.

Now that I’ve announced it, I’d never wanna let you down — the pattern will be up next week.  Phew! I better get to work

3 Comments on “Sticking to it

  1. Love it and I think you should name it Stormy seas, that is what it looks like to me with the coloring and the pattern :)

  2. Love the pattern,however my first thought was sand dunes. Maybe I’m just longing for sunny days at the Cape. After day #9 with no power that sure sounds nice :) !

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