Taking Things for Granted.

I am sure in 2 weeks when I am fully powered up again I will take it all for granted.  The telephone, internet, flushing toilet, running water, heat, washing machine, dryer, coffee in an instant and all the other wonderful essentials I take for granted every day.  We are still without power.  I am thankful for heat from our wood stove, generator and very generous family members with power. (I am at Kara’s right now.)

There are many people in shelters so I know we have it good.

Our boys have had no school since the storm…rumor has it next week may be the same.  Kevin has been out of work this week.  We cut down 30 birch trees and cleared them out – our house looks completely different!

The boys have enjoyed spending time with friends and cousins.  I think this is something they will never forget – I know I won’t.

3 Comments on “Taking Things for Granted.

  1. It has been an experience I will never forget either and I really don’t hope to go through it again! But compared to some others we have been very fortunate. You’ve been a trouper, Kate, by taking many others in and feeding them and caring for others children. You will be rewarded! It has actually started me knitting this winter again, so there has been a plus side to it all!

  2. Thanks for all the dinners you fed my family. I’ve learned after a week in Haiti that life with a wood stove and generator is great. I am looking forward to a LONG HOT shower and my dryer working again. A full day of school would be nice too! If we keep smiling we can make it :)!

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