Wilson Hat

It is getting chilly!  We started the wood stove last night and it feels wonderful!  When we go out go grab wood we need our cozy knitwear.  This is my favorite hat (so far).

Norah Gaughan’s Wilson Hat.

The cables are stretchy and this makes it a great fit on all head sizes.  Ryan is wearing it in these photos, but Kevin wears it as well and it fits him great also!  The pattern calls for 2 hanks of Berroco Peruvia, but I chose to knit Wilson with 1 hank of Berroco Vintage.  I like the stitch definition better and it is not as chunky.

So, there is a lot I love about this hat, but it took a long time to knit.  The cables are all the way around and every other row.  It takes patience – but worth it.

Wilson Hat pattern is found in Norah Gaughan Men Berroco Pattern Booklet.

We will be announcing our winner of the Vera Bradley Giveaway later today – you still have time to enter!!

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