Knitting Notion Favorites

Some of my favorite knitting supplies.

One of the best gifts I have received from my Grandma is this Interweave Knitting Companion.  It is a great source for all the technical aspects of knitting.  There are great illustrations to accompany the directions – wonderful!  Between this book and YouTube video tutorials I have learned to really knit.  What are your favorite knitting books?  Do you have a favorite Youtube knitting video?

I learned to knit using Susan Bates needles.  It was fine.  I was introduced to Addis shortly after I began knitting and have never gone anywhere else.  Addi needles feel “just right” to me.  After purchasing many different sizes and lengths I finally purchased the entire set of Addi Clicks.  It is so great to have all the sizes and cord lengths in one neat and orderly place.  Do you have a favorite needle?  Has anyone tried Addis and switched to something else?

How do you read a chart?  I have tried the magnets and stitch counters, but with 3 boys running around the house these have proved less than perfect.  Those stitch clickers are just too tempting for little men!  Pam from Knitting Criations led me on to highlighter tape.  It is the best for me.  I love the ability to see the row before under the tape and it is reusable.  I highly recommend this method!

All of my knitting notions have the cutest home in this felted bag.  I think these would make a great Christmas present for my knitting friends and hope to create some myself.

Lantern Moon has a most beautiful line of knitting bags.  I purchased this one from my local yarn shop and love it.  It has pockets around the inside and fits a lot of yarn, patterns and notions.

Progress on Peabody.

This yarn spindle is the greatest!  My sister Colleen purchased this at the Yarn Seller in York, Maine and gave this to me last year.  It is the perfect way to keep your yarn from running away!

What are your favorite supplies?

One Comment on “Knitting Notion Favorites

  1. What beautiful notions you have!

    I tend to use whatever’s lying around for notions such as stitch markers. That said, I have some beautiful heart-shaped stitch markers given to me by my girlfriend earlier in the year. I’m just too forgetful to have them on me when I actually need them…

    One day I intend to have that set of Addi clicks. At the moment I use bamboo needles and hooks; I find the warmth of them makes it easier for me to knit for longer.

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