For You: A Giveaway

We think these bags are the best and we want to share them with you!  So, we’re giving away 5 Envirosax bags.


They make a perfect knitting bag because they’re so light weight and they’re stylin’ too.  They’re also good for things like gym clothes, groceries, a purse, camera bag, beach bag, or gift bag. If you need any more ideas for this bag than that — then you don’t need this bag!

Here’s one of mine (I have several).

Here’s what I keep in the bag

Since this is a knitting blog, we’ll make this giveaway knitting related and throw in a special prize for one of the lucky 5 to win a bag.  One of you will also win a set of 4 dishcloths knitted by yours truly.

These dishcloths are called “Grandma’s Favorite”  It’s a free pattern and it doesn’t get any easier than this.  To all of you saying you want to try knitting — this is a quick project for you to start with!  I love the name too because they do remind me of my Grandma. She makes them often.   When I was getting married she gave me a few for a bridal shower gift. I use them everyday.


So leave us a comment and tell us who taught you to knit? Grandma? Mother? Friend? If you don’t knit, that’s OK too. Just leave a comment and tell us what your plans are this weekend –  I’ll be making dessert

We’ll pick a winner on Tuesday!

24 Comments on “For You: A Giveaway”

  1. I love your new blog…..My aunt Leona taught me how to knit. She is my Mother’s sister …she owned a knitting shop in Middletown. I was 16. She is 93 now and still knits every day.

  2. I learned to knit from my grandmother and the first items I made looked like those dish clothes but then we stitched parts together and they became slippers. I think I was probably 10 years old at that time. I remember my grandmother making a cream colored afghan with roses cross stitched on the knit pattern. I guess that was the thing to do then, because my great aunt was doing the same thing.

  3. Kara you’ve inspired me! I looked up the washcloth pattern and went to work. After casting on 15 different times I finally got up to 24 stiches on my needle before I made a mistake too big to fix. It didn’t look too bad even if it was polyester yarn I bought 10 years ago to make Halloween spiders in Taylor’s kindergarten class.

  4. Jill told me about your blog. Very inspiring! It makes me want to pick up my knitting again, but I need to be studying. Can’t wait until Christmas break!!!

    I learned to knit from Sarah Zahner, Jane Moser and YouTube. I am not sure what I would do with out all of them!

  5. My gramma moser taught me, and carole is always around for help too (: I am constantly going to Knitting Criations for all my knitting supplies.

  6. My Grandma Ryan taught me to knit when I was probably 12 and then Katie got me to pick my needles back up :)

  7. My grandma Ryan taught me but I did watch my mother and another grandma knit all my life. Working on about 4 different projects at this time. Project overload anyone??!! But oh isn’t it FUN!!

  8. I first learned to knit at Luella Hoffman’s 4H club when I was about 10, made a floppy pair of purple slippers. Sarah Zahner re-taught me a few years ago. I still have a lot to learn, but enjoy it,especially this time of year with a cozy fire on a cool evening.

    Katie, now I see what the mannequins in your living room are for :)

  9. I’m actually going to my first knitting class tomorrow! I have always wanted to learn and your blog has definitely inspired me to join a class!

  10. I used the Internet to learn how to knit. I do wish that I had someone who could have taught me though… there probably would have been less throwing of the yarn and needles that way! ;)

  11. Knitting has been passed down from generation to generation. My mom taught me to crochet and a friend kick started me knitting. But, nowadays I knit with my mom and we find projects for her to do. I have a plenty long enough queue.

  12. I just came across your blog and it is quite a coincidence because I had made plans to go with Terry Mangold on Wednesday to Knitting Criations to get started on my first knitting project (well…I made one slipper when I was 14!) Can’t wait to get started.
    I will be back to your blog for inspiration.

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  14. I learned to knit initially from my mom when I was 8 years old. After not touching a project for 12 years, I re-taught myself at age 20 during college. It’s remarkable how quickly everything came back! Muscle memory is a wonderful thing.

  15. am i too late?? love those washclothes, they clean the very best, so soft and squishy too. and the bags, so fantastic.

    i learned to knit at age 5 by my norweigian grandma. but after a few blankets (for dolls) i lost interest until my first pregnancy 32 years ago. i’ve not stopped since. i feel so grateful to have knitting in my life.
    xo lori

  16. i JUST learned to knit after my fiance kept pestering me to find a hobby and my very craft-tastic sisters-in-law won over the family with their scarves, dishcloths, hats, afghans ….

    after some crash courses from friends (even said fiance learned a little so he could get me started!) I am well on my way to finishing a scarf for our vacation in three weeks!

    you have a beautiful blog … so glad i found it!

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