Nicky Epstein Weekly Knitalong & Giveaway

I recently purchased Nicky Epstien’s book Knitting Block by Block.  I was talking to the owner of my LYS (Knitting Criations in Somers, CT), Pam, and she told me her idea of knitting a block a month.  Since I do not have enough months before Christmas, I thought that I could knit a block a week instead and have a beautiful afghan in no time!  Kara came to my rescue and we are doing this project together as a friendship blanket.  She will knit a square a week with me until we have enough squares.  Then I will do the same for her after Christmas.  Want to join us?   Grab a partner – it will make a great project to work on with a good knitting friend! There IS enough time to start now and have one ready for Christmas!

Nicky’s book is a valuable asset to any knitter wanting to learn different techniques. Tackling them in small blocks makes it a lot easier.

My first block is called The Portal Cable.  I am using Berocco Vintage yarn which is a machine washable blend.

Kara started with the Reversible Hourglass Pattern

With our weekly knit a long now underway we want to encourage all of you to join us!

We are giving away 2 Nicky Epstein Knitting Block by Block books. 

Earlier today in My Pembroke Wrap post I asked the question “Where do you love to knit?”

Just leave us a comment with your name and info telling us where you love to knit!  It is that easy!  We will draw the winners randomly Tuesday.

8 Comments on “Nicky Epstein Weekly Knitalong & Giveaway

  1. Love this idea too! It would be a lot of fun to do together with someone. what do you day Mel-dinda??

  2. OK Colleen I will do it with you and it will be a “friendship across the miles” afghan :) I love to knit sitting in my living room in from of a nice hot fire with a cup of coffee or glass of wine next to me (depending on the time of the day)

  3. Sounds GREAT minn- Also forgot to add my place to knit is in my Chair with my Knitting and tatting things in the box next to me. I can even put my feet up with the foot rest if I want! Usually I am listening to some book on tape. Preferably a Jane Austen!

  4. My favorite place to knit is either in the car on a trip…..or just sitting on my couch in the family room. If anyone is looking for a partner for this project let me know.

  5. Sounds like an awesome idea! If I start now maybe I could have one done as a wedding gift for Lydia :) ! Sharon I’m afaid I’m not the partner for you.

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