Work in Progress: A Men’s Tie

My Dad always wore these ties and so I thought it was pretty cool when my husband started wearing them.  Don’t let the idea of a tie fool you. I thought it’d be a quick knit but turns out knitting 60″ inches on a size 4 needle it’s going to take a little longer than expected. For now this is a project that I pick up and work on in between my other projects. The pattern is originally called Dennis, but I think it’s needs more of a Prep School name so I call it Winfield.

Pattern: Dennis
Yarn: Handmaiden Fine Yarn Sea Silk
Color: Ocean

I’m trying something new with this project – square double-pointed needles.  Have any of you ever tried these before? I don’t have strong feelings about them one way or the other. I do think that I like them better than wood or bamboo but was originally looking for the Addi double pointed.  Has anyone use the Addis? I would love to hear about your experience with them!
Here’s my Ravelry project

5 Comments on “Work in Progress: A Men’s Tie

  1. What do you think about the square double points??? Have you seen the glass double points – they are supposed to warm up as you go to make the knitting faster. Saw them at Stitches East last year…

  2. I a sorry to say that I have to disagree with my younger sister here. I LOVE bamboo and wood. I have the Harmony wood needles from Knit Picks and prefer them anyday over the Addi’s that I borrowed from Katie. Plus when knitting don’t you think it is more authentic to use the “natural” materials than metal ones??!! I am thinking that it is a personal taste, metal over wood or bamboo. Yes??!!

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